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Solar Panels

Take control of your energy cost by installing a solar panel system, generating power from the sun and selling excess power back to the grid or storing energy with a solar battery system.

Looking for Solar Panels in Hobart?

Over the years, we’ve selected solar panels, inverters and battery storage components that provide a good balance between affordability and quality.

Combined with our hands-on experience from inspecting, maintaining and installing many solar systems and our reputation as a longstanding, local provider we’ll help you discover everything you need to know about solar. This includes tips to improve the efficient use of power, how to maximize energy sold back to the grid and how to take advantage of off-peak electrical rates and tariffs.

As trusted locals, we’ll also help you avoid those cheap and dodgy social media advertising deals that never live up to their promises.

Our top quality & affordable solar panel systems

As a part of our quote, we’ll review your power usage and help you understand what size solar panel system will be ideal for your place.

This includes full modelling of the payback period so you can understand when your system will start paying for itself and when you start putting money back in your pocket!


Solar Panels

Trina 440 Watt Solar Panels

These highly efficient solar panels provide class-leading energy production and a 30 year power warranty and 25 year product warranty, whilst looking stunning and simple with their black design.

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Solar Inverters

Sungrow & Fronius Solar Inverters

Inverters transform the direct current (DC) from your PV panels into an alternating current (AC) that can be used to power for your lights, heating, appliances and power sockets (or sold into the electrical grid).

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Battery Storage

Sungrow Solar Battery Storage

This innovative technology and home energy storage system enable homeowners to become more energy independent, reduce reliance on the grid, and optimise self-consumption of clean, renewable energy.

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What to expect from CMAX Group?

Starting with a system design proposal and quote, you’ll have all the necessary information up-front. This will help you make an informed decision about this important investment, including warranty documents and product guides.

This will help you understand exactly what you’re buying, the expected payback period on your investment and any Council permits you might need as a result.

The best part is that the same people who provide the quote, will actually stay with you the whole way through the project and including installation and after sales service. This will provide you with confidence, trust and communication at every step.

And you’ll be surprised just how quickly we can get your solar panel system installed and generating power, creating savings from the moment we’re finished.

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Get in touch with our experts to discuss a new solar panel system for your place or repairs to your existing solar.

As part of the process we’ll map out the projected payback period so you can see just how quickly you’ll actually start saving money and paying off your original investment with savings.

It’s amazing just how good solar panels have become and the transformation they can make to your home.


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