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We are commercial refrigeration contractors operating in Hobart & Southern Tasmania.

Your local refrigeration contractor in Hobart

Whether you’re running a restaurant, service station, supermarket or bottle shop, we appreciate the critical role your refrigeration system plays in the smooth operation of your business.

Our team of experienced and fully qualified refrigeration contractors are multi-skilled tradespeople who can help you with all aspects of your fridges and freezers, including associated electrical work, repairs and maintenance.


New Fridges & Freezers

We help a wide range of customers with new cold storage solutions, including everything from the construction of large facilities to the purchase of small display cases and cabinets.


Retrofits & Upgrades

If you’re looking to make changes to your refrigeration system or freezer, we can assist with advice, planning, purchasing and installation of your new equipment.


Repairs & Maintenance

If things are running right or you’re concerned about your running costs, we can help with all ranges of refrigeration repairs, upgrades and maintenance.


Portable Cool Room Hire

Looking for some cold storage for your next event or extra storage for a busy time of year? We offer portable cool room hire that’s suitable for all occasions.


Need help selecting the right refrigeration for your business?

By selecting CMAX Group, you’ll be getting advice directly from the same people who’ll install your system.

And our advice is based on our experience from installing and maintaining hundreds of refrigeration and air conditioning systems from all the top brands.

We’ll help suggest options that are suited to your needs and we’ll provide advice on the long term energy efficiency of your cold storage.

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Get in touch with our experts to discuss your refrigeration system.

The best part is that the same people who provide the quote, will actually be the same guys installing and servicing your refrigeration equipment.

Providing you with confidence, trust and clear communication at every step.

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