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Skip the sales people and come directly to the experts who install and maintain heat pumps and air conditioning systems every day, saving you time, hassle and added costs.

Looking for a new heating system in Hobart?

With all the top brands, we can provide efficient and affordable heat pump, air conditioning and ducted heat pumps for any situation large or small.

Plus as energy efficiency experts, we’ll help select a system that’s right for your needs to help minimise outlay and ongoing power costs.

We’re also happy for you to supply your own system, for us to install for you.


Heat Pumps & Split Systems

Heat Pumps provide fast and flexible air conditioning for spaces of all different sizes and typically focus on one room at a time. They're affordable and energy efficient at all times of year.


Ducted Air Conditioning

Heat and cool your whole property from one air conditioning unit that uses ducts in the ceiling (or floor space) to efficiently move air to specific zones or the entire house, at the flick of a switch.


Floor-Mounted Heat Pumps

We also do a range of other heating and cooling options including floor mounted heat pumps that can be a more affordable option for smaller spaces and homes.


Not sure which heating or cooling is right for your home or business?

By selecting CMAX Group, you’ll be getting advice directly from the same people who’ll install your heating system.

And our advice is based on experience from installing thousands of heat pumps and air conditioning systems, from all the top brands.

We’ll help suggest options that are suited to the size of your property and provide advice on the long term energy efficiency of your system to help save money on your power bills.

You might actually be surprised how affordable ducted heating is compared to smaller heat pump units for each room.

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Providing you with confidence, trust and clear communication at every step.

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Supplying and servicing all the top brands

We are trusted suppliers and installers of all the top heat pump & air conditioning brands. We can also help with all of your ongoing servicing and maintenance needs to help extend the life of your new heating.

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