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Heat Pump Hot Water

Save around 70 - 80% on your energy costs with the most efficient hot water systems available.

Why choose a Heat Pump Hot Water system?

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems use significantly less energy compared to traditional hot water systems, creating dramatic savings on your power bills. This is because they use cutting edge technology that transfers energy from the outside air before the electricity kicks in.

Whilst it’s hard to believe at first, the savings speak for themselves and we rarely install the traditional hot water systems any more.

About your Heat Pump Hot Water System


Haier Monoblock 250L

These tech savvy and sleek looking heat pump hot water systems provide class-leading energy efficiency and a 7 year cylinder warranty and 5 year parts and labour warranty.

Use the SmartHQ™ app on your smartphone to easily select from five modes to best suit your needs, allowing you to adjust heating to off-peak power tariffs, minimise energy use when you’re on holidays, or prioritise solar energy to reduce grid-supply if you have solar PV.

They are perfect for large families and homes in colder regions thanks to quick water reheating, with an impressive 4.58kW heating capacity and a boost function for even faster hot water recovery on the occasional high water use days.


Stiebel Eltron WWK 222L & 302 L

The WWK hot water heat pump is an environmentally friendly solution for generating energy-efficient hot water.

They make use of the ambient heat in the air even in temperatures as low as -5°C without an element.

The heat pumps have an active defrost function that can control any icing that occurs at lower air temperatures. The active defrost function will remove any hoar frost that occurs at the evaporator and then reverts back to hot water generation mode.

It can be seamlessly integrated into solar PV systems to optimise the use of renewable energy for self-consumption.

Their low power consumption eliminates the need for a dedicated circuit, simplifying installation and reducing energy costs.

What to expect from CMAX Group?

During our time in the industry, we’ve installed and maintained many brands and types of hot water heaters.

We can confidently say that nothing competes with the energy efficiency of Heat Pump Hot Water Systems.

As a part of our quote, we’ll review your power usage to help you understand what size heat pump hot water system will be ideal for your place.

This includes tips to improve the efficient use of power, how to maximize energy savings and how to take advantage of off-peak electrical rates and tariffs.

Plus full modelling of the payback period so you can understand when your Heat Pump Hot Water System will start paying for itself and start putting money back in your pocket!


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We can also provide tips to improve the efficient use of power, how to maximise energy savings and how to take advantage of off-peak electrical rates and tariffs.

The best part is that the same people who provide the quote, will actually install your now hot water system. Provide you with communication and confidence at every step.

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