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EV Chargers

As more and more people turn to electric cars, we supply and install a range of top-quality EV Chargers suitable for the home or business.

Need an Electric Vehicle Charger in Hobart

If you’re thinking of buying an electric car, chances are, you also need to install an EV Charger at home. This will ensure you’re not reliant on public charging stations and able to charge your car from the normal power grid.

Our EV Chargers are also capable of tapping into your solar panel system. This way, you charge your car with excess energy produced by your panels. And with our smart phone integrated App, you might even be able to drive for free with energy produced by the sun.

Chargers to suit all types of electric vehicles

We can hook you up with the right EV Charger for your new electric car and we even have portable solutions that will allow you to connect into any normal power socket.


Electric Vehicle Chargers

Zappi EV Charger

Zappi has become the leading EV Charger on the market in Hobart, letting you use any excess energy generated by your solar panel system to power up your electric car.

With its smart-metering technology, you can still tap into the grid knowing you’ll be getting the most efficient energy available at any given time.

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Portable Electric Vehicle Chargers

Surprisingly, many electric vehicles don’t come with a charger – only a charging cord.

We’ve got you sorted, as we also supply portable EV chargers that suit all ranges for car brands and models. These can be plugged straight into any power socket or different EV charging stations ensuring you’re able to charge your electric car wherever you go.

What to expect from CMAX Group?

As well as electric vehicle chargers and solar panel systems, we can help you with a wide range of energy efficient products for your home or business.

As experienced and highly capable tradespeople, you can skip the middleman and buy directly from the same people who will install your EV charger.

So you’ll not only get the best value for money, but also that extra confidence knowing that you are directly talking to the same local company who’ll be available the whole way through the life of your investment.


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Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send up a direct message for more information about an electric vehicle charger.

As part of our quote, we’ll guide you through every step of the process so you’re confident knowing exactly how your EV charger is going to perform.

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